It seems that one of my favourite cable shows is losing a lot of light at the end of this season. It’s just been announced that My TV-favourite Amanda Seyfried is being written out of Big Love at the end of season 4 (premiering January 10th) so that she can concentrate on her film career.

I’m all for more Amanda Seyfried films but I wish it didn’t come alongside the loss of Sarah Henrikson, a character both empathetic and engagingly human. The loss of Sarah means serious changes for her semi-boring/semi-annoying brother Ben (who takes over as the eldest of 8 kids once his sister moves away) and the loss of such spectacular supporting characters (and other My TV-favourite actors) as Heather Tuttle (Tina Majorino) and Scott Quittman (Aaron Paul), both of whose stories are dependent on Sarah.

Then again, with the skyrocketing Hollywood status that comes from starring opposite Meryl Streep, it was just a matter of time before Seyfried moved on from the show she’s been a part of since 2006. At least this way she’ll be written out in a way that is fitting to the character and the brilliant show can continue on without her. Because even Big Love without Sarah is better than no Big Love at all. Let’s just hope that rising star Ginnifer Goodwin isn’t thinking of going anywhere anytime soon.