There were so many things about this week’s Gossip Girl that I absolutely loved. In fact there were (insert number here):

1/ The Threesome: So the infamous threesome has been making headlines for a while now. It was a big question as to who would participate. From the beginning I had a good feeling about who it would be and as the episode progressed it became obvious that Vanessa would finally get some Dan action…just this time with Olivia in the mix. I sort of liked how adorable it was that Vanessa and Dan wanted to give Olivia the ultimate college experience before she was forced to shoot her upcoming film, and while threesomes were clearly not my college experience, I guess it’s understandable that Olivia would want to get experiment with her two closet college buddies.

2/ Hilary Duff- Really? Did I actually just admit to liking her on this show? So it took me several weeks, but I think I finally enjoy Olivia. Her and Dan are not at all annoying together (unlike most of Dan’s conquests) and her relationship with Vanessa is fairly believable minus the whole threesome thing. I was fairly certain this would be her final episode until the shocking ending when we see the text about her cancelled movie….OMG so good! But, seriously, who isn’t looking forward to the Olivia v. Vanessa show down and the inevitable revelation that Vanessa has totally love Dan forever…lolz….GG is all over this one. I really cannot wait to next week’s episode.

3/ BLAIR- So her whole storyline is a tad pathetic this year. I dislike that she keeps getting involved with the Constance heirarchy. She seems so above that, but I have faith that she’s still in the process of passing the torch and we will soon see her blossom at NYU. But she was amazing in this episode because not only did she attempt to scheme and bring Jenny down, but she recognized her defeat and still managed to give Jenny props in true Blair form. On top of that Blair consistently has the best one liners in the series and continues to bring more humor than any other character. Also, her and Chuck are so damn cute.

4/ Eric- It’s no secret to my friends who watch this show with me that I have a huge crush on Eric (what?!?! it’s totally legal…I think). It was nice to finally see him get in on the main storyline and he totally tried to pull a Blair. The best part was once he failed Blair had to team up with him to bring Jenny down. Jenny is such a huge biotch (and not in the good Blair way) that cannot wait to see Eric continue to plot against her. Can Eric really be the new Blair? And can he finally get a boyfriend that doesn’t break up with him for stupid reasons? I realize that the original Constance crew is still the main focus of the series, but I wouldn’t mind a little more new-Constance screen time so long as it focuses on Eric humiliating Jenny.

5/ Tripp- So this whole Tripp and Serena thing is creepy when you consider Serena’s age. And Serena once again proves to be the least interesting character when she makes up with Blair but then ignores her to spend time with Tripp, but these two really have some chemistry. I’m going to thank Tripp for that….he’s cute and clearly conflicted…he shouldn’t like Serena, but then again his wife is kinda evil since she planned that whole “hero” thing last week. I just finally find Serena kind of interesting because Tripp does too….hmm.

6/ Nice Chuck- When Chuck puts aside his badass nature and schemes for the greater good, I melt like butter. Reconnecting Blair and Serena was selfless and adorable on his part. And it’s nice to see that no matter how good Chuck can be, he still is a bit of a douche (telling them kissing to make up won’t count as cheating).

7/ GAGA!!!- Okay, so the music genius won’t actually be on GG till next week, but I can still be excited right?

Things I disliked about this week’s GG:

1/ JENNY: Really? I don’t by for a second that she is the new queen. Blair may have been a bitch but she was fun….Jenny is horable, unwatchable, and far too skinny.

2/ Predictability: for the past 3 weeks I’ve guessed everything that has happened on this show. I miss the shock and awe of realizing who was behind certain plots. Granted, I still love it!