When it first began to air, I was obsessed with America’s Next Top Model. As with most reality series, I lost interest after a while. I’m proud to say that I’m back on the wagon and I frankly could not be happy.

I wish I’d spent more time blogging about how awesome this season was. It started off as another gimmicky year: the girls are all short models and Tyra wants to prove that even tiny girls can be supermodels (although “tiny” is apparently 5’8). But gimmick aside, what really has made this season so unforgettable is two girls: Nicole and Laura.

Nicole is probably the most socially awkward contestant ever. She doesn’t get along well with the other girls, and you get the feeling that she’s not a very social person period. But once you throw her in front of a camera Nicole comes alive and destroys the competition (she’s never been in the bottom two and continues to destroy every competitor). Nicole has the looks but her personality is lacking, even though it continues to grow each week.

Laura on the other hand has both. She is hot as hell and is a southern belle. Laura is also clearly not the typical hottie but she has the most bubbly personality, I dare you not to love her. Laura has been a gem to watch week after week. It may her the southern accent, her friendly and cheery personality, her adorable preference to wear her grandmothers homemade clothing, or her resemblance to Amber Benson, but something about this girl makes me so darn happy.

Tonight the models were in for a shock when Jay announced that the final 4 would be cut down to 2 after one photo shoot (a first for the series). The final 4 consisted of Nicole, Laura, Jennifer, and Erin. Jennifer continues to have decent pictures and the judges seem to like her but she also is kind of mean to the other girls. I realize the confessionals are a place for the models to speak open and honestly, but Jennifer always pushed the envelope. Erin is probably the worst of the bunch. She was on top in the beginning but was bottom two for three consecutive episodes. The judges continue to let her slide past over much better competition (like the adorable Sundae who prematurely left last episode). On top of her unfair staying power, Erin is the most whinny/annoying contestant this season.

So tonight all four modeled in Hawaii and the final 2 were selected. Nicole was the first chosen which was the biggest non-shocker in the world. I predicted this girl would win week 2 so I’m glad she made it to the finals. The second photo of the night had me on edge. If Laura won, the most perfect pair ever would make it to the finals and this would be the first season where two beautiful, deserving, and NICE models made it. The problem was that the judges LOVE Erin and with her well-reviewed photo I was worried she was a given for the finals.

Thankfully, I was wrong. The final two were announced and Nicole would be facing off against Laura for the title of America’s Next Top Tiny Model. YAY! It seldom occurs when my two favor ties from the beginning of a reality series make it to the finals (by seldom I mean never). I couldn’t be more excited for these two deserving girls.

Sidenote: Reality tv is good again. I realize it was always pretty damn good, but lately I find myself looking forward to ANTM, Survivor, and The Amazing Race more so than any other scripted series. Why are sitcoms and dramas so boring this year???? I still have mad love for How I Met Your Mother and Grey’s, but other than that I find scripted series lacking.