Stick to Dancing.

Your performance with “Ballas Hough Band” on Dancing with the Stars tonight was simply strange. You may be two of my favourite pro dancers on the show but your pseudo-boyband skills don’t measure up to your ballroom prowess and performance charm.


In other DwtS news:
-Rod Stewart is creepy, no one wants to see that! But it’s great how they have pro couples dance along with the musical guests so it seems a little less like a waste of time.
– Why don’t fans vote for Aaron Carter? He had the highscore of the week and was in the bottom 3. Is it because he’s slimy? It’s certainly not because he can’t dance, because he’s one of the best on that floor.
– Donny Osmond is still adorable. He seems genuinely surprised every week he doesn’t get eliminated. That said, what was with that green outfit?
– Are Kelly and Aaron really close? They were being really cute at the end of the show.
– Michael went home after his best night of the season and Mark left after losing the dance-off to Aaron, having landed in the bottom because his partner (SYTYCD‘s Lacey Schwimmer) was sick.The eliminated couples danced a strange yet sweet little circle dance as the credits rolled, it was oddly endearing.