The first bit of news is that Broadway’s beautiful leading man Jonathan Groff is scheduled to appear in an upcoming 4-5 episode arc of Glee as the lead singer of a competing glee club. Spring Awakening‘s golden-voiced golden boy may be a potential love interest for his former co-star Lea Michele’s obnoxious character Rachel. Alright Glee, here’s where you really earn your stripes as a quality phenomenon: there’s a lot at stake with a matchup like Michele and Groff but, succeed and you’ll have my heart forever, fail to 1) develop his character in an interesting way and 2) give him the vocals those pipes deserve and you’ll have lost me forever (and all My TV coverage along with me).


However, failure or no failure on the Jonathan Groff front, there’s at least one episode of Glee‘s back 9 episodes that I’ll be watching no matter what- the one directed by a man who makes the term “cult icon” look like an officer appointment in a Facebook group. Joss Whedon, the man whom we at My TV consider to be one of the greatest creative minds of his generation, has signed on to direct an episode of the flawed show (which apparently he is a big fan of).


If Glee hadn’t achieved cult status by now, the additions of Broadway’s most popular wunderkind and TV’s most popular poohbah certainly won’t hurt.