For the past several weeks Robin on Top Chef has somehow managed to avoid the axe. How? She is consistently in the bottom three; her dishes are deplorable; and her talent is sub-par compared to the rest of the contestants. This past week she outlived Mike Isabella. Sure, he’s not the best chef on that show–but my problem is that the decision came down to Mike and Robin! Robin?!?! Robin has not demonstrated why she belongs on this show….Which leads me to this: is she really talented and we (the audience), due to editing, never see this talent? Or, is she just a victor in someone’s misfortune?

Obviously, Robin is not going to win the show. It has been clear from the beginning who the top four chefs are going to be: Jenn, Bryan and his brother Michael, and Kevin. But how long are the judges going to keep her around if the audience never sees her produce anything worthy?

My belief: Robin is possibly one of the luckiest contestants that I have ever seen on a reality TV show. Hopefully, this streak of luck will end soon.