As a Canadian living in Boston, tonight’s How I Met Your Mother made me giddy. What made it so funny? IT’S ALL TRUE! Well, most of it. Torontonians by no means have funny accents like the lady in Tim Hortons, I have no idea who the Quebecois guy Robin mentioned in the first scene is, she is still using “eh” in the wrong context and Toronto is really not the place to find lumberjack types like the ones who beat up Barney (especially not at Yonge & Front St).

But the rest of it, totally on the ball. I couldn’t tell what was weird about what Robin was saying until I read the subtitles and realized that in the states it’s called an electric bill, not a hydro bill; I got made fun of endlessly last week when I kept complaining that my garberator was broken; Canadians really do call it “The States” while Americans call it “America”; people mock the funny money in my wallet all the time; and we really are known for “please” and “thankyous” when getting our coffee at Tim Hortons, or anywhere else for that matter.

So now I’m homesick, thanks a lot HIMYM. Not only did you have a Canada-centric episode, you brought Robin all the way to my hometown to prove your point. Barney enjoyed the perks of universal healthcare, Robin sang “O Canada” and Tim Hortons coffee was enjoyed by all. Meanwhile, the episode mercilessly mocked Americans for their narcisistic and selfish ways, which is always fun, especially when you consider that said jokes were written by and for good-natured Americans who are willing to laugh at themselves.

So, thanks to HIMYM, tonight as I sit in my lovely Boston apartment, watching American network TV, I’ll think of how I can’t wait to be home again, in Canada… for American Thanksgiving.