The Best Part? All of It.

– Tracy tries to kill Betty White by calling her and yelling “boo” then tries to bludgeon Jimmy Fallon after asking him if he’s famous: “I did a movie with Queen Latifa once”.
– Jack forces Liz to head down south instead of to Toronto or San Francisco to find the new cast member, prompting lots of fun about what’s “real” America, what “real” Americans want and why that can’t come from Canada or “the people’s gaypublic of drugaphornia” (aka San Fran).
– Jenna forces herself on the writers and defends her actions to her gay friends: “oh, don’t look at me like I’m a football game”
– Lutz, Toofer and Frank’s pathetic Halloween party flashback complete with costumes
– Liz fights Jack’s assessment of southerners with TV references galore:”stop calling them simple… sure some of these people are simple, but some of them are smart like Matlock; or wholesome like Ellie May Clampette; and some of them are skeezy dirt bags like the Dukes of Hazaard, driving around like maniacs, children use those roads”.

Welcome Back Tina & Co. I’ve Missed You.