Big Brother has been the number one guilty pleasure show for me over the past several years. I started watching back in season one when America voted off a player each week (also known as back when it sucked). Other than that horrible excuse for a winter season, I’ve never been more ambivalent to the outcome of the final 3.

Here’s the thing, usually at least one awesome/deserving player makes it to the last HOH competition. Season 1 I was routing for Josh. Season 2 was all about Dr. Will. Season 3 was probably my favorite final 3 ever with Lisa, Danielle, and Jason who I thought were all deserving. Season 4 I was sadly gunning for Allison to win. 5 had the very deserving Drew as a finalist and winner. Season six, though it ended horribly, at least kept me captivated because Janelle made it to the final 3. Ditto on season seven…Janelle just could not get out of that 3rd spot. Season 8 had the arguably deserving Dick and Danielle in the finals (he played a strong strategic game and she a strong physical one). Season 9 I’m going to leave out of this equation and pretend it didn’t exist. Season 10 had the most deserving winner to date, Dan, in the finals.

So therein lies my problem with Season 11. I have no deserving player to name. Okay, okay, I take that back. There definitely is one deserving player at this point among the three but not in comparison to the players in the jury. Ideally, this season would have kicked ass if the final four was Michelle, Russell, Jeff, and Jordan. Jeff and Michelle have been the most consistently strong players in this competition. Teaming up was the greatest decision they could have made and bringing Russell along was brilliant. It all went wrong when Jeff realized that Russell was too big of a physical threat and backdoored him. Now we’re left with the final three being Jordan, Natalie, and Kevin. Natalie sucks at this game. Physically she cannot win shit and she only became HOH through some lucky number guessing. She claims to be playing an honest game but is probably the biggest liar in the house. Jordan is in a similar sucky boat. She can’t win shit and the only HOH she got was one Jeff handed to her. But I can’t hate Jordan because she turned out to be so damn likable. Still, as a player in the game she is not at all deserving of the prize money. Thus, leaving Kevin as the person I find myself routing for.

Strange. Kevin is consistently the funniest player to watch this season (due entirely to his diary room quips) and he really stepped up his competitive game these few weeks. The problem with Kevin is that he needs to cut ties with Natalie to really win this thing. He was given the chance to send Jordan packing and team up with Michelle against Natalie, and I actually thought he would take that chance. My guess is Kevin didn’t trust that Michelle would keep him over Natalie…understandably. My hope is that Kevin wins the HOH this week and finally makes a huge game changing move by bringing Jordan to the finals. Kevin definitely deserves the votes but the high-school-esque jury members will probably give it to Natalie over him due to the popularity contest. If he brings Jordan, the only vote he won’t have is Jeff’s (and maybe Michelle’s). It seems like his best bet and I just hope he’s smart enough to do it and earn himself the rightful title of champion.

Then again, if Jordan somehow wins this thing I wouldn’t be too mad (she’s just so cute!).

Coming up: With Big Brother ending and my blogging continue you all can expect a new addition to the horrible-but-amazing-reality-show-watch….that’s right ladies and gentleman Survivor starts soon!