12 September 2009

Kelly and Tim Cast Their Ideal Big Brother AllStars Season

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Will (seasons 2, 7): the manipulator
Eric (season 8): the nice guy
Danielle (seasons 3, 7): the straight talker
Nakomis (seasons 5, 7): the offbeat
Dan (season 10): the charmer
Jessica (season 8): the sweetheart
Natalie (season 9): the naive powerhouse
Kevin (season 11): the token gay guy
Allison (season 4): the liar
Russell (season 11): the hell-raiser
Janelle (seasons 6, 7): the competitor
James (seasons 6,7): the golden boy
Renny (season 10): the crazy one
Michele (season 11): the mindless brainiac
Laura (season 11): the surprise strategist

Tim’s extra picks:
Daniele (season 8): the whiny winner
Amy (season 3): the wine and cheese eater

Kelly’s extra picks:
Jen (season 8): the vixen
Jase (seasons 5, 7): the funny guy

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