About a week ago I sat down to watch the season finale of Hung and due to some distractions I missed the last 6 minutes. It’s a bad sign that I was so uninterested in the finale that it took me until today to watch the end.


But I’m so glad I did….we’ll get to why in a bit.


The last few episodes of the show have been very dull. Hung is clearly a slow paced show that does not rely on action to move the plot, but toward the end it just got so boring. The entire finale was pretty much like that too. Granted they did set up an interesting plot for next season: Lenore essentially inserted herself into the pimping business and now it looks like both she and Tanya will be in charge of the business. I like Lenore a lot. She is kind of a bitch, her sex scenes are far too…umm sexual…, she clearly only cares about herself, but that doesn’t stop her from being an interesting character to watch. So I’m excited for the possibility of more intriguing plots next season.


Other then Lenore’s new position the only other good part of the show happened right at the end (in those final 6 minutes I missed). After spending time with Lenore, Jessica takes her advice and schedules an appointment with the happiness consultant. I expected Ray to walk into the bedroom and awkwardness would ensue. Instead, the writers did something much better: they had Ray see Jessica walk into the hotel. Ray calls Jessica on the phone and the two have a quick conversation with an incredibly endearing and heartbreaking moment. Ray begins to hold back tears as he thanks his ex for answering the call…something she never used to do. This is the first time in the season in which Ray really has shown his love for Jessica and the fact that he may still want to be with her. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Anne Heche and Thomas Jane carries this show.


Going into the finale I was ready to quit Hung for good, but because of these two amazing actors and their brief phone conversation I’ll definitely be tuning in next season.


Season Finale Grade: C- (would have been a D if not for those last few moments)
Season One Grade: B (enjoyed it…great acting…semi-decent plot)