Things I love (and will continue to love) about Glee:
-Ryan Murphy’s presence. It really feels like Popular all over again. Far too campy. Far too stereotypical of high school. A little bit sexy. A little bit messed up. But somehow it works.
-The adult actors. Lynch as Sue Sylvester has the funniest lines in the show. Jessalyn Gilsig is always amazing as the bitchy unlikeable character. Jayma Mays as the adorable romantic Emma is adorable…and romantic…I’m original. And Matthew Morrison is winning me over as the lead (when he isn’t dancing to Kanye like a high schooler).
-The music. Now I know that musical television shows typically never work. This one might not either but it seems young and fresh and fun. And it is about the glee club so it’s fitting.
-The major love triangle between the Schuester’s and Emma. I’ve never found myself hoping a married man would cheat on his wife. I’m trying to remember any shows where this happens and is a good thing (help?…sound off in the comments). Regardless, it seems like a new and interesting plot and I like it.

Things I hate (and will hopefully not continue to hate) about Glee:
Pacing. The plot is moving far too quickly. Terri gets pregnant, but suddenly she isn’t and immediately lies about it. Rachel and Finn kiss already (!!!!!) and then he’s back with Quinn. Suddenly Quinn has a great voice and joins the club without ever mentioning the fact. Slow down already.
-Cheese factor. While I do enjoy the singing and dancing, sometimes it seems a little much and far too corny. During the big Kanye West dance I couldn’t help but get that warm fuzzy, I’m watching Full House, kind of feeling….not good.
-Gayness. I’m not homophobe (trust me) but I can’t stop wondering my Finn isn’t having a hot affair with his teacher Matt. I guess dancing and singing men always seem a little feminine (remind me later to check and see if these actors are straight…I’d be shocked if they both are). I realize this point of view goes against the entire premise of the show but I can’t help it.
-Timing. Wednesday nights? Really? As if I wasn’t chock full with SYTCD, Top Chef, and ANTM (I only partially kid).