Normally I would be quite annoyed that Jessie was evicted. This season he turned out to be a pretty good player, and fun entertainment in all his ridiculous narcissism, forced sarcastic tone and amazing love triangles. I can’t stand it when Big Brother, desperate for a clever twist, makes the game even less fair (mysterious powers, secret allies from outside the house, the surprise return of an evictee, etc…), particularly considering that it was a similar twist that put Jessie out last season (America’s player was the swing vote).


But, though I liked Jessie this year (I know, how weird is that?!), and it was entirely unfair, it couldn’t have made me happier to see low drama Jeff stand up and risk making serious enemies by defying the vile HOH Chima and using the power of Coup D’Etat (which was awarded to him because the editors have been particularly nice to him so America loves him). In taking (crazy but amusing) Lydia and (my favourite/Jeff’s secret ally/ticking time bomb) Russell off the block and replacing them with Chima’s closest allies Natalie and Jessie, Jeff turned the house upside down and gave hope to my favourite players (the otherwise-evicted Russell, and Jeff himself). Unfortunately, the vote came down 3-2 in (coattail riding/ super annoying) Natalie’s favour, but it was still a win for the good side of the house.


Left significantly weakened by Jessie’s departure, Chima stood a very good chance of finally being banished from my TV screen in the week to come. Annoyingly, however, Michelle’s HOH win means that it’s next to impossible to predict what’s coming next. She could fall back into the Russell/Jeff alliance and put up Chima vs. Natalie; she could fall for Chima’s “girl power” manipulations and put up Jeff vs. Russell; she could play it safe and put up weak and inconsequential players Kevin vs. Lydia; or she could try and break up the house’s most loyal alliance and nominate Jordan vs. Jeff… who knows.


At the very least, it shouldn’t be a monotonous week (like this one, in which absolutely nothing that happened had anything to do with the coming eviction, and the audience knew it).