It’s official, Mya is going to win Dancing with the Stars; at the very least she’ll make top 3. If the Lady Marmalade singer wasn’t a front runner to begin with, today’s announcement that she’s been paired with Emmy nominated choreographer Dmitry Chaplin has pretty much guaranteed her the title. This will be Dmitry’s second season on Dancing with the Stars, having been a top 20 contestant on So You Think You Can Dance season 2 and made reappearances on the show throughout the following 3 seasons as one of the series’ most successful choreographers (working his way up to an Emmy nomination for a routine from season 4). Last season on Dancing with the Stars, Dmitry’s superior choreographic skill and instant chemistry with any partner would have gotten him a lot further if he hadn’t, at the last minute, lost Jewel to a leg injury and gained a playboy bunny with an IQ of 7 as his partner. With Mya by his side (one of the few contestants guaranteed to have a built-in sense of rhythm), Dmitry should have his first win under the belt of his super tight pants this season.

Other highlights of the couples announcements include heavy-hitter Cheryl Burke taking on longshot (and, I’m gonna say it now, dark horse) Tom DeLay and Melissa Joan Hart’s slim chances at the title greatly increasing by the announcement that last year’s winner and My TV favourite Mark Ballas will be partnering the teenage witch. SYTYCD fans will be happy to know that in addition to Dmitry, Chelsie Hightower and Lacey Schwimmer will also be returning (alongside newcomer and SYTYCD choreographer Louis Van Amstel, who got stuck with Kelly Osbourne) as well as Emmy nominee Derek Hough.

Damn you producers for depriving me of my Chelsie/Aaron matchup. But thanks for having Sabrina’s back (Melissa Joan Hart), I want her to do well.