Eonline just did a poll of Brothers & Sisters fans, asking them what their favourite thing about the show is. And wouldn’t you know it, the results are dead on accurate. With the one obvious exception (a win of 50%+ for the incomparably awesome Walker family dinners), the audience clearly has a favourite aspect of the show: almost 20% of the vote went to Kevin and Scotty’s relationship (the next highest scorer got only 5.5%). Way to go world, not only did you throw your support behind a rare TV gay couple but your choice also reveals a real sense for good writing and character development. Count me impressed.
The results of the poll are posted below.

What’s your favorite part of Brothers & Sisters?

  • 53.3% Family dinner at Nora’s
  • 2.1% When Nora doesn’t act her age
  • 5.5% When Sarah is kicking ass
  • 0.9% How Sarah copes with working motherhood
  • 2.3% When Kitty yells at people
  • 19.3% Kevin and Scotty’s relationship
  • 9.5% When Justin has his crap together
  • 0.4% Saul’s rarely seen love life
  • 0.9% Nora and Saul’s relationship
  • 4.9% When they pretend Rebecca is still a Walker
  • 0.8% Something else I’ll explain in the comments