Not only did someone great win So You Think You Can Dance, but America also got it right on Big Brother this week when they awarded the Coup D’Etat power to Jeff (who, in all fairness, has been edited in the best possible light, which explains how he has 5000 more fans than everyone else on the cbs website).

Let’s start at the beginning of the week, leading up to Jeff’s new power.

Russell gets HOH and finally flips the house by aligning himself with Jeff and Jordan, officially giving them a chance in the game even though their entire alliance had been evicted. Even though I’m liking Jessie so far this year, I think Russell was right in joining the other side of the house, simply because Jessie’s team has Chima, Natalie and (sometimes, maybe? Lydia), who are my least favourite players. Russell also maintained a secret allegiance to Jessie though, an excellent idea to cover all his bases.

So with Russell and Jeff aligned (a promising duo of athleticism, determination and surprising strategic gameplay from Russell), it came time for indecisive Michele to pick a side; and she too picked the right one. Michele on their side and a secret deal between her and Russell (giving him secret deals with all three of the house’s best players: Jessie, Jeff and Michele) put team Jeff/Jordan/Russell/Michele in a grand old position (especially considering Kevin and Lydia are very likely to swing to their side over the others because of Lydia’s Natalie issues).

A bizarro blowup in which Russell’s paranoia got the better of him saw Michele fall from grace a bit in my books. While generally I’d been respecting her low key gameplay to this point, her inability to talk her way around what she said to Russell was pretty unimpressive. Chima being a lunatic, however, got most of the heat off Michele’s back and diverted the attention away from her stupid mistake. Notice I’m not faulting Russell for the ordeal, it was an understandable misunderstanding (he inferred something about Chima from a true statement Michele gave in confidence and then reacted emotionally when Chima denied it and Michele couldn’t explain the difference between what she said and what he heard- not the best move, but not a crime of stupidity either) and it only blew up because Chima belongs in a mental ward (and can someone please get that girl a hair tie?). Besides, if I were to fault Russell for every emotional fight he got in, I couldn’t like him, and I think he’s too good a player not to like.

Which brings me to… Chima wins HOH. There could be nothing worse, since she’s my least favourite houseguest and is going to nominate my favourites for eviction. But while I’m annoyed that we’ll have to sit through extra footage of the rampaging princess this week, I take comfort in the fact that America likes Jeff enough to give him the power to override her nominations. I can see no scenario in which Jeff doesn’t use his power to adios one of Chima’s allies, and that makes me very, very happy. Well done America.

After tonight’s fight, eviction and HOH competition, my house guest rankings are as such:

1. Russell (favourite)
2. Jeff
3. Jessie
4. Michele
5. Jordan
6. Kevin
7. Natalie
8. Lydia
9. Chima (least favourite)