Tonight our bachelorette ran off to Spain with the final four men. All week the previews showed Jillian finally learning the truth about Wes. This episode looked to be the one where Jillian finally makes the right decision and cans the biggest asshole in summer reality television (give it a few more weeks and I’m sure Big Brother will provide us with someone who can take that title away). So I had every reason to watch this episode in anticipation…but I, unlike Jillian, I am no idiot. Every single episode of this season has centered on the will she or won’t she give Wes a rose question.

In typical Bachelorette fashion, the most pivotal date is saved for last so Jillian starts off the vacation with Kiptyn. Jillian spent these four dates grilling each man on his feelings for her and the possibility of a future engagement. Kiptyn is the most sensible man for saying that an engagement shouldn’t be rushed. Thank you for finally having the brains to realize the flaw with The Bachelor/Bachelorette series.

Next up was her date with Reid. Reid’s weird confession of his feelings was kind of adorable. He clearly avoided using the “l” word but he kept on telling Jillian that it gets better every time he sees her. He stumbled over his words and Jillian laughed throughout the entire speech, but it was actually heartfelt. It’s reassuring to feel that someone is actually legitimately falling for her.

Third on the agenda was Ed. I’ve never been a big Ed fan. This episode just further proved how boring he is. I’m sorry but I don’t see the charm or the connection between him and Jillian.

Jillian was given the chance to spend a night with each of the men in the fantasy suite. She hasn’t been the most innocent of girls so it was shocking when she turned down both Kiptyn and Reid. Jillian finally gained some respect in my eyes…that did not last long. She gives the fantasy suite to the one man who has been gone almost the entire time, Ed. Her reasoning is that he was gone for so long that he deserved more time. I call bullshit on that one. The men who have been there since the beginning and put their jobs on hold to be with her should be rewarded with extra time, not the one who left.

So Jillian finally has her date with Wes, which was conveniently the final date of the episode. Right off the bat, the bachelorette notices how far away Wes sits from her as he tells her his feelings. It’s about time Jillian picks up on these signals, it’s just a shame that he clearly wants her to get rid of him at this stage in the show. Wes further proves his asshole nature when he tells Jillian at dinner that if he wanted to come on the show for business reasons, he clearly already got enough press out about his band and he would leave her now if that’s all he wanted. As if this should make her trust him? So after several tears from Jillian due to Wes’ obvious lies, he has the nerve to say they should spend the night together. This guy makes me furious…but I suppose that’s good tv.

At the least surprising rose ceremony ever, Jillian finally finds her brain and gives Wes the boot. Wes, sadly, gets the last laugh as he tells the guys prior to the ceremony, “know that if it’s me I’ll be back home having lots of sex.” In an annoying limo ride home, Wes admits that he is the first guy in the history of The Bachelorette to make it in the final four with a girlfriend. He then goes on to berate the remaining men and make a complete ass of himself and Jillian.

So now with Wes gone who would win Jillian’s heart? Although I dislike him, I’m rooting for Ed. Quite frankly I think both Kiptyn and Reid are too good for her.

Just please please make Michael the next bachelor!