Great news for fans of Josh Schwartz’s cult hit/espionage comedy Chuck!

Against all odds, Chuck and friends will be returning to NBC next year. The highly improbable pickup comes on the heel of many a “save our show” campaign (including a clever Subway promotion) and even a shout out on The Daily Show (see our “Quote of the Day” section).

The good news does, however, come with some bad. As with many shows that are being granted unlikely pickups (see Dollhouse), there are serious budget cuts that go along with the new deal.

What does this mean for Chuck?

– Only 13 episodes for season 3 as opposed to the usual 22.
– A smaller per-episode budget that will mostly likely limit some of the awesome special effects and stunt sequences the show is known for.
– The loss of at least 2 employees from the writing staff.
– The possible elimination of a supporting actor.
– Less screen time for supporting players.

What do you think? Will Chuck lose its appeal with the new changes or are the compromises worth it just to see your favourite nerds/spies for another season? And what supporting character can you not bear to live without? Post your comments below.