To win the Amazing Race you have to trust your teammate. You have to work together. You have to have patience with everyone from your partner to yourself to your cab driver. You have to avoid stupid mistakes and you have to read the clue thoroughly- that’s it! there’s not a lot more to it other than effort and perseverance. Not an easy feat, but still pretty straightforward, certainly nothing beyond the intellect of, oh I don’t know, Harvard grads!

Somehow, the teams who should have everything going for them this year can’t seem to make that happen. Mr. Harvard can’t help but ignore his little sister’s protests? That’s just crap. Clearly this year has no true Nick & Starr (though this year’s Dallas almost fell prey to the same stupid mistake when he temporarily lost his fanny pack). It’s possible that Tammy and Victor may still pull through but from what I saw this week, they don’t seem in sync enough to make it. My new money is on the redheads, or maybe the brothers, or Margie and Luke. And though I’d like to see Mike and Mel do well, I think their victories are destined to be short lived once they’re hit with a seriously physical task like last year’s flour challenge.

As for this week’s eliminated team, I hate it when the fate of the leg is completely hinged on plane schedules. If this had been a week when everyone got on the same plane then Brad and Victoria would still be in the race and Tammy and Victor would have paid for their monumental mistake. Then again, if they hadn’t had the unfair disadvantage of their plane breaking down, Tammy and Victor would have had such a big lead that their mistake might not have mattered at all- who knows.


Either way, 1 of my most promising teams in gone and my picks to win are showing little promise- is it time to jump ship and pick new favourites or do I stand by my team and hope they don’t continue to implode?