Don’t have a lot of time (it’s Battlestar Gallactica night here at mi casa), but I needed to say:

THIS WEEK’S DOLLHOUSE FRAKKING ROCKED. It had action, comedy, and truly awesome plot developments, as well as an obscene amount of half-naked Ballard and Victor (proving once and for all that on Dollhouse, the exploitation goes both ways). On top of that, it was truly disturbing at times, and indicated a whole bundle of themes that we’ve never seen Joss Whedon tackle before and that I’m really, really excited to see keep playing out.

Sorry for the lack of proper recap (once the BSG hangover is done, maybe I’ll feel inspire to fill this in) but in the meanwhile, I want to send out a message to everyone who has yet to start up with Dollhouse, or who gave up on Dollhouse after a few episodes: it’s more than worth the effort.