… and since we’re on the topic of Rob Lowe (see previous post), let’s talk about last night’s 2 hour episode of Brothers & Sisters. I was promised what should have been a Lowe tour-de-force; this was supposed to be his Emmy episode. And while the 2 hours did contain some intense emotion from Lowe, Calista Flockhart and Sally Field as well as some dramatic turns by Balthazar Getty, Patricia Wettig and Rachel Griffiths, it was, once again, Matthew Rhys’ show to steal. He didn’t have a baby or a heart attack and he wasn’t caught in an embezzlement scandal, but Kevin Walker carried some of the show’s toughest emotion and broke the most hearts with a tearful confession of friendship. Kevin fought from the sidelines this week with indelible strength and emotional sincerity. Week after week, year after year, Kevin is still the Walker to watch.