Why do the Ugly Bettywriters keep sending her hot and wonderful men who are madly in love with her? Betty should have ended up with Walter (the annoying boyfriend from the series’ beginning).
All these wonderful men (Henry, Gio, Matt) are supposedly falling in love with Betty’s inner beauty. But putting all looks aside, Betty would drive any sane man nuts. She’s annoying and preachy and frazzled and unforgiving and often clueless. If we’re really looking at personal merit, the characters who deserve the best love interests are Christina and Justin.

And even if she were the most wonderful character to ever exist, let’s face it, Betty doesn’t get those guys. As much as I love the romantic delusion, I think it would be refreshing to see Betty with a guy Betty might actually be with, if she were remotely real.

As much as he may protest, the McDreamys of the world belong with Merediths and Addisons, not Mirandas. A Phyllis will always marry a Bob Vance. And even nerdy Seth Cohen, the epitome of TV’s hot nerds, always gets Summer in the end, the close-to flawless dream girl. It’s time Betty writers stop giving viewers an adorable fantasy and start giving us a relationship we can believe in.