Every show, even the terrible ones, has at least one character who’s worth your time. Whether they’re the only one to make you laugh, the only one who’s remotely sane or the only one who you can relate to, they make the show worth watching. So here’s to the characters that have managed to shine through even the murkiest of material.

Gary Unmarried- Tom Brooks (Ryan Malgarini), the son of one of TV’s least funny former couples, Tom makes me laugh every week.

Felicity- Meghan Rotundi (Amanda Foreman), Felicity’s Wiccan roommate was the only character who felt remotely human without being loathsome.

Back to You– Gary Crezyzewski (Ty Burrell). As the overlooked field reporter Burrell was the best thing about this boring attempt at recreating sitcom gold.

Private Practice– Cooper Freedman (Paul Adelstein), Dell Parker (Chris Lowell). Sweet and caring without any premise of assholery, Cooper and Dell are the exact opposite of my favourite Grey’s Anatomy characters but they leave their immature Private Practice co-workers in the dust.