…even if Megan can’t.

This week’s Privileged was, despite being a wonderful episode, really really sad. This marked Michael Cassidy’s last episode as the sweetest man alive, Megan’s best friend Charlie.Before he left to go to school in California, Charlie finally confessed his love to Megan, and she promptly broke his heart. And while I wanted to yell at Megan for that, I actually found her completely sympathetic in this episode. Mandy calling her out on the selfish crap that’s been bothering me all season finally alerted Megan to the fact that she may not be the fantastic person that she thinks she is. (By the way, I’m totally with Mandy, the worst kinds of people are the ones who are bad but think they’re good). And with this realization Megan told Charlie how she really felt and apologized for hurting him. Charlie, in turn, told her she couldn’t be a bad person if she tried. Yes he’s in love with her but I really think that that was him loving his best friend- in a best friendly way.

And when I gave it some thought I understood Megan too. Charlie is the most important person in her life and she does LOVE him, the fact that she can’t be IN LOVE with him is beyond her control. She definitely wishes she could be in love with him, that is, after all, what stories are made of, but can’t lie to him and herself when she just isn’t. So she stays with Will, and loves Will, but when it comes to a fight between the two men she stands behind Charlie, because what she has with Charlie may be a different kind of love, but it’s the strongest in her life.

Rose and Sage were also lovely this week (Sage has REALLY grown on me, though I fear where this newest storyline may lead), Lily was used effectively and in moderation and for the first time I kind of liked her. And there were no extraneous adult characters bogging the episode down. So even though it made me sad to see Charlie go, I’m still happy that the show was so good.

I’m just going to put it out there… Privileged, the best show of the week so far?