I believe in you.
True, you’ve made some hideous programming mistakes in the past and cancelled more than one beloved show, but I choose to believe in you anyway.

I’m choosing to believe that, despite all appearances, you are more of a Gilmore girl than a Gossip girl at heart and that you can’t possibly prefer 90210 to Privileged. I believe that you really do want The CW to do well by its honourable WB lineage and that you don’t actually watch America’s Next Top Model.

So what I need from you now is for you to believe in Privileged; because if last night’s wonderful installment was the last episode of the critical darling then I’m afraid I’ll be giving up hope for the future of your network. Josh Schwartz and co. (Gossip Girl) can’t save you forever and the 5 other shows you just renewed (Supernatural, Smallville, ANTM, 90210 and One Tree Hill) aren’t exactly the stuff dreams are made of. It’s time to take a leap of faith or give someone else the chance to fly.