21 January 2009

Privileged=Happiness… but

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Will is even more wonderful than I thought. I like that his family is allowed to function as a complete and loving family without any of the dysfunction that television convention would like to place on them because of their net worth. I love that he has his flaws and often gives Megan bad advice, but at least he’s trying. I like that he can calculate things quickly in his head


Megan is a complete spaz. Like Ugly Betty, Megan can’t seem to determine what are the really important things she needs to be there for her family for and when are the times she should focus on herself and her happiness. But this week she did show some interesting in other people’s lives that have nothing to do with her troubles and all her flaws seem to come from a very human place. So ultimately, I’m still pro-Megan.

Rose and Sage had a lovely story this week. Sage has really grown on me and her relationship with Luis is very sweet. With my new found tolerance for Sage, the bond between the sister has really come out and they each had scenes this week that really brought that home.


Sage is going to need to find a new goal. This week she reached the conclusion that she doesn’t want to be famous for fame’s sake. But since she doesn’t have the same Duke goal as Rose, if she doesn’t find her own goal soon she will have left her future to spend more time with a boy- bad story.

And Marco was sweet this week


I think he’s boring and shouldn’t be a big character.

I really loved this episode. I thought it brought the sisterly bond to the forefront again, had some interesting stories and  showed humanity, flaws and nobility in all their characters regardless of economic status or past behaviour.


I miss Charlie. Don’t get me wrong, I never want him to come between Megan and Will, I just want him there to be her best friend.


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