I hate how selfish Addison is, especially considering that, during her time on Grey’s Anatomy, she was once an incredibly engaging and wonderful character.

I hate that every story line involves a moral dilemma or grey area of some sort.

I hate that Cooper, one of TV’s most lovable characters, is forced to exist in such a badly written world.

I hate how immature everyone is and that Dell, the most mature of the group, never gets any screen time.

I hate that Charlotte has a ton of potential as a character but keeps having to relive the same storylines over and over.

I hate how overly sexual the show is; it seems so out of place among these 40 something doctors.

I hate how much I love so many of the actors on this show (Paul Adelstein, Chris Lowell, Amy Brenneman, Kate Walsh) and they’re not being given anything good to play.

I hate that the writers have found a way to use Cooper’s friendship with Violet against him.

I hate everything about Naomi.

I hate that Archer is just a boring carbon copy of the Karev, Sloan, Pete model.

I hate that the show always seems to be pushing some sort of moral agenda and that the writers don’t seem to have a strong grasp on the complexity of the problems they write about (from addiction to pedophilia to abortion to polygamy).

I hate how done up the women are just to go to work in a doctor’s office and I hate how much makeup Addison wears.

But mostly I hate the fact that unlike many shows that I watch that I know aren’t great TV (One Tree Hill, True Beauty, Gary Unmarried), I completely don’t enjoy Private Practice; it gives me that knotted stomach feeling of having seen something that really disturbs you. I hate that feeling and it certainly should never come from a TV show.