FOX announced today that they’ve finally given the axe to Prison Break.

Certainly the show hit some serious creative snags when, you know, they broke out of prison. And sure it’s been years since the show was the bonafide ratings hit that it was in season 1. But I still liked it.

Prison Break, week in and week out, was entertaining. The action was consistently exciting, many of the characters were engaging and surprisingly deep, Robert Knepper and William Fichtner remain some of the most detailed character actors in the business and Wentworth, not to diminish his talents or anything, remains one of the most beautiful.

So I’ll have to learn to live without my weekly dose of misunderstood but beautiful convicts.

But where does that leave FOX? The cancellation of Prison Break means that there is officially NOTHING I watch on that network from the moment So You Think You Can Dance ends to the moment it premieres again. They’d better hope Dollhouse is freaking amazing.