Rufus and Lily grow closer, Chuck finds redemption and family, Erik shows off his German and Serena finds her place in the world. But, meanwhile, Nate and Vanessa seem to cease to exist, seeds are planted for Dan to go down a dangerous road and Blair’s world falls apart.

On the Upper East Side if there are two things that are never fair it’s love and war. And at the center of the upcoming saga is Ms. Carr, the new teacher. Not only is she a threat to come between the show’s (central?) love story but she’d better watch out because Blair Waldorf’s just declared war.

Though peppered with bits of comedy (everything Erik) and hope (Chuck, Lily and Rufus), this week’s Gossip Girl was as foreboding as an Act 1 finale to an operatic tragedy*

*please be advised that this is not me being pretentious; the characters went to the opera this week, I’m being thematic.