My brother works in politics. So this is the only thing my family has talked about for weeks.

So apparently Canada and the US are on some sort of absurdity trading system. For years we’ve been a pretty decent place while the US has been universally hated and under the leadership of President Goofus. This fall the universe decides to switch it up and while Americans elect President Gallant, Canadians vote for the conservatives who then shut down parliament because the liberals threatened them?

For weeks now, I’ve been at once trying to wrap my head around the strangeness of this move by Harper and come to terms with my new found inferiority to the US.

On Monday, The Daily Show either made it a little better by making me laugh or a little worse by laughing at me. Either way, the episode was fantastic. And the second segment, the Presidents Gallant and Goofus compare and contrast was priceless. Check it out.

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