I am going home in 5 days. And I sincerely miss home. At home, when you bump into someone they really do turn around and make sure that you’re ok. There are free doughnuts when you go Christmas tree shopping at Sheridan Nurseries and hot cider too. And I’m fairly certain that those strip clubs Robin mentioned are real, in case you were wondering.

So just when I’m really missing home, How I Met Your Mother gives me an episode where they don’t just make fun of Canada but lay out a few reasons why it’s great too. Now I’m all better. 5 more days in the land where uniformed military walk down the street on any given day and people say “bless you” more than they say “sorry”? No sweat.I have a friend from Minnesota, so when Marshall and Robin were bonding over the similarities between their homes I laughed pretty hard. The bar full of Minnesotans was hilarious and the bar full of Canadians was even better- and nothing beats a good karaoke rendition of Robin’s hit song “Let’s Go To The Mall”.

So while this episode may not have ranked on the list of HIMYM’s all-time greats, I kind of loved it, because I got to go home for 23 minutes.