So far, NBC’s Thursday Night Lineup is 2 for 2. The Officewas pretty kickbutt as well.

Let’s start with the A story: the surplus. The cold open was hilarious, extra Oscar screen time is always appreciated. Then the war between the pro-chairs and the pro-copiers was fantastic. It was fun to see Jim and Pam on opposite sides of something. Their playful dynamic hearkened back to their early days of practical joking.

Then there was the B story: Angela, Andy and Dwight at Shrute Farms. While stories that take place outside the office aren’t usually as strong, this story was both funny and charming. The Angela/Dwight romance has me totally engaged and seeing the balance between Dwight’s criminal insanity and focused romanticism hit the perfect note. There was a moment or two of sweet sentimentality completely undercut by moments of utter absurdity. It was priceless.