30 Rock this week could not have been better. This season has been consistently pretty funny but it’s episodes like this that remind me why the Emmys always go Tina Fey’s way.

Kenneth, Tracey and Jenna had one of the most amusing B stories ever on the show; actor narcissism is always funny. Jack was his usual fantastic self plus a couple additional doses of awesome, even his assistant Jonathan got some solid gold material.

But, as usual, the star stole the show. Liz Lemon’s high school reunion was a re-imagining both so funny and so true that I am literally still laughing. Of course Liz was a bitch; she’s defensive and awkward and clever, it fits perfectly. And what is a comedian if not someone who makes fun of others, often because they’re uncomfortable. And the fact that she didn’t realize that she was so mean? AMAZING. After all, everyone thinks they’re the hero, never the villain.

And, of course, the best 30 Rock episodes advance the friendship between Liz and Jack, something that this episode did incredibly well. Forget all those “true friends” in movies that stick up for the nerd when they’re being made fun of, sticking up for the one who everyone thinks is a terrible person because you know better- that’s friendship.

Brava Ms. Fey, Brava!

PS: look out for the guest spot from the wonderful Janel Moloney (aka Donna Moss on The West Wing)