Technically it premiered last week but this Thursday’s episode of Ugly Bettywas good enough to make me forget and the horrid 43 minutes of last week.

This week’s plot was an homage to (openly ripped off from) The Devil Wears Prada- and it worked. I loved Whilemina trying to steal Betty and seeing potential in her. I loved Marc being replaced but ultimately orchestrating everything to get his own way, he’s so great! The Meads stood up to Whilemina and Daniel took back his job at Mode. Claire literally pushed over Whilemina and broke her (well, an ice sculpture of her at least). Betty got a raise. Oh, and Christina was mysteriously pushed down the stairs: the beginnings of a mystery and hopefully the ending of this very bad baby story line.

I loved Betty again, for the first time since the writers’ strike.