You’ve gotta hand it to One Tree Hill, it knows exactly what it is. Last night’s episode was, if anything, a self aware comedy hour. Sure it had it’s big dramatic plot twists and its romantic melodrama, but for the most part One Tree Hilljust spent an hour making fun of itself.

Here are some of last night’s highlights:

-When Sam asks Jamie if he’d ever done anything wild, he replies with a list of outrageous plot points that were actually a part of the over-the-top series: getting kidnapped by his nanny, almost dying in the pool, getting chased through a cornfield by a psychopath, etc…

– When faced with the prospect of having a movie made out of Lucas’ autobiographical novel, most of the occupants of Tree Hill went about choosing actors to play them, at which point Nathan aptly pointed out the ridiculousness of the age of actors who play teenagers (it’s worth noting here that James Lafferty was only 18 when he began playing Nathan, though his costars were all in their 20s and meant to be playing 15-16 year olds). Brooke then took a stab at The CW (their home network) by saying that the movie studio will probably pick “a CW brat” to play her, but then took a minute to point out that “at least they’re hot”.

– The show brought back Peyton’s long lost brother Derek (who hasn’t been mentioned in years) along with other references to the show’s previous 5 seasons such as Peyton’s psycho stalker, Mouth’s high school girlfriend Gigi, Brooke and Nathan’s sex video and the Brooke/Lucas/Peyton love triangle.