I have not been this engaged in an action adventure show since Alias. It took Christian Slater 3 seconds to get my attention. I was busy doing something else when I turn on My Own Worst Enemy, out of mild curiosity and a sense of duty more than anything else.

I was half paying attention, compiling a list for the post that will follow this one and WHAM there’s Christian Slater, starring straight into the camera and speaking in that terrifying psychopath voice that will always and forever sound like Heath Ledger’s Joker.

And the show didn’t let up from there. The plot zoomed, leaving the viewer running to keep up with the show’s dense mythology. But that mythology did get explained, if you were able to hold on until the end, giving the viewer a solid base to understand the story but leaving enough mysteries to keep up the intrigue. I had zero intention of making room for another action-adventure show on my radar but I’m going to have to find space for My Own Worst Enemy because both Henry and Edward have me hooked.