My ode may prove a bit too long
and some, I’m sure, will think I’m wrong,
but I feel I must do my part
to show how Coop has touched my heart.

In Private Practice season one,
Dr. Coop was lots of fun.
To Violet Turner, his best friend,
he’d be loyal to the end.

A doctor and a hero to
parents of kids with the flu,
pediatrics was what Coop did best,
in charm and skill he topped the rest.

But with women Coop was not so great,
he simply couldn’t find a mate.
Then Cooper’s heart began to sing
when he met Dr. Charlotte King.

In season 2 their romance grew
though Cooper’s friends never knew.
But finally he told Vi
to her, you see, he could not lie.

And now Coop just wants to know
where the relationship can go.
but that is not what Charlotte wants,
his sappiness she often taunts.

But Cooper knows she loves him back,
not just ’cause he’s good in the sack.
He’s funny and sweet and loyal and kind,
a better man would be hard to find.

So Charlotte finally gave in,
telling Coop “ok, you win”.
She showed him who she really was
Coop’s heart, I’m sure, was all abuzz.

Cooper’s sweetness broke her shell,
though Charlotte King was one tough sell.
Their relationship I now approve,
at first I flinched, now I’m in the groove.

I’ll always love Dr. Cooper,
Paul Adelstein, the actor,’s super.
And now with plots on the right track,
I know that Shonda’s got his back.

Want to know where you can see
“Past Tense”? It’s on ABC!
Go and watch this episode,
the one that inspired my Cooper ode.