I cannot decide whether NBC’s new show Kath and Kimis incredibly annoying or absolutely genius. Its stars, Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, are certainly fan favourites and it’s based on a successful Australian show so it should lean towards genius.


But I really hate shows about stupid people. A bit can be funny but I get tired of strictly laughing at people instead of with them. There’s a bit too much My Name is Earl and not a single foil character to counteract it. Then again, there were moments of the pilot in which I couldn’t help but laugh at these ridiculous characters.


The writers are clearly smart. After all, the show did end with the characters toasting global warming- close to perfect satire. But are they smart enough to make me watch a show entirely populated with people I don’t like? Only time will tell.


So, out of respect for the brilliant actresses in the title roles and faith in the writers, I’ll be giving Kath and Kim at least one more chance to impress me.