23 October 2008

I Stole this from Rachael

By // TV

Since I never claimed to be anything even resembling a real American, I figure a little plagiarism (from Rachael’s Movie Website) can’t possibly hurt my score on John Stewart’s quiz. And since this is hilarious and I don’t watch John Stewart regularly enough to have found it myself, I had to steal so that I can share this with you (all 2 of you who read this, one of whom is Rachael, making this whole thing deliciously redundant).

See the irony is that if I actually were American, it would be clips like this, in which much of America is mercilessly mocked, that would make me proud to be an American. Not only just to be part of a country in which someone can be that witty, but to be part of a country in which someone can be that celebrated for any form of dissent.

In any case, the man is funny and he’s got a point.



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