Ok, we’re talking about how much I loved this week’s Gossip Girl.
Though I’ve always had a bit of a weakness for them, frivolous teen shows almost never get me fully on board because they almost never succeed in making me like all of their characters. For every Seth Cohen there’s a Marissa Cooper, for every Brooke Davis there’s a Lucas Scott and for every Noel Crane there’s always a Ben Covington.
And so was the case with Gossip Girl last year. I loved Blair and Serena, hated Jenny and Vanessa, and flip-flopped on Dan, Nate and Chuck.
But this year I literally like them all. Some more than others; Serena, Dan and Vanessa have made me pretty mad at times but they generally come out ahead; Jenny sometimes makes pretty bad decisions but she’s turned around from my least favourite character of last year to one of my favourites this year; and Nate’s pretty darn charming these days.

And then there’s Blair and Chuck: love, love, love, love, love. Is there a sexier, more engaging couple on TV? Find me one, prove it.

This week’s episode (in which Jenny’s dreams come true in more fantastic ways than 1 and Blair and Chuck lay it all on the line) was fantastic. It had everything a standard GG episode has (great clothes, fun stories, a roller-coaster pace, catchy dialogue, high production values,…) and so much more. This week had me cheering out loud and admitting how much I really do love this show, it’s so not a guilty pleasure, I’m proud of said love. This week’s fantastic showing has even put a couple of GG actors on the My TV Awards nomination shortlists, a first for the show.

Be sure to check out the fabulous new episode of Gossip Girl entitled “Pret-a-Poor-J” when it gets posted on thecw.com later this week.