The cancel-happy Fox has taken its first victim of the 2008-2009 TV season.
The mildly amusing and thoroughly enjoyable sitcom Do Not Disturb has officially been cancelled, after airing only 3 episodes.

With a recognizable cast, a handful of cool characters and at least a couple of good laughs per episode, Do Not Disturb is just another example of Fox’s lack of trust in new shows. The Return of Jezebel James only got 3 episodes too, Kitchen Confidential didn’t get much more than that- and let’s not even bring up Firefly or Wonderfalls. What’s the common thread here? No, it’s not mediocre television, far from it, it’s Fox.

So, here is my message to show creators of the future: DO NOT TRUST FOX, your show will go nowhere if you do.

Without new shows that are given a chance to come into themselves, Fox will eventually run out of things to air. 24 and Prison Break can’t last forever and soon all that will be left will be American Idol season 472.