I kind of loved this Sunday’s ABC shows. Usually 2 of my favourite shows, Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives made me laugh even more than usual this week. So here’s what happened:

Kitty Walker wrote a book. It was about her experiences on the campaign trail and living with her family, each of whom exemplifies a different archetype of the American voter. Of course her entire family was up in arms about it (just in time to make a bad impression on Kitty and Robert’s adoption social worker by the way) but ultimately came to the conclusion that it was spectacularly well written and not meant to be belittling. The book prompted some truly memorable comedic moments among the Walkers but, for me, the highlight of the episode was when Rob Lowe was finally given some lines. His rousing speech chastising the immature Walkers and defending Kitty was great. It’s nice to see that a character who has been largely ignored since his campaign for the presidency ended is still the strong and intelligent man he was established as being. Also, I love Rob Lowe so any screen time for him is a plus.

Meanwhile, on Wisteria Lane, Susan was being annoying, Gabby was being desperate, Carlos was being sweet, Bree was being hilarious, Orson was being neglected then scary, Mrs. McClusky was being sad and Edie’s husband was being creepy. Lynette, however, was being freaking amazing. Afraid she was losing her son because he never talks to her, Lynette decided to create a fake high school persona and talk to her son online. When, predictably, he fell in love with the fake girl, Lynette’s plan came crashing down. Not only was this story good for some serious laughs (who knew Oedipus jokes were so funny?) but it was nice to see one of Lynette’s sons getting flushed out a bit more as a character. It was also lovely to hear Lynette give a voice to the fears of parents of sullen teenagers everywhere. I loved it.