Don’t you hate it when you buy something on DVD because you love it and it turns out that if you’d waited a little while you couldn’t have gotten the special edition with all sorts of amazing special features? and then you can’t buy the special edition because you already have a copy without the special features and that’s wasteful and yet you REALLY want those special features. So you wonder… can I get away with buying this as a Christmas present for my brother and then steal it? maybe even trade him my old copy for this great new one? and then you realize that you’re a bad person and slink off into the corner in remorse.

Such are my feelings about the 10th Anniversary Edition of Sports Night on DVD, coming soon. One of the best underwatched shows in TV history, Sports Night on DVD is a highlight of my collection, despite its complete lack of bonus material.

So what do I do? Do I spring for the fairly expensive new box set and give away my old copy to a Sorkin-starved unfortunate soul? or do I suck it up and do something useful with my money like put it in savings and miss out on 8 episode commentaries and special interviews with one of the greatest casts and creative teams ever?

If you are not faced with this same problem, it must be because do not yet own Sports Nighton DVD. That being a problem unto itself, I am here to offer a solution. Trust me, your life will improve dramatically once you follow the link below and click on the button that says “add to shopping cart”. You’re Welcome.