The Mole is a really cool show. Back in the day, viewers were in for a really cool ride trying to decipher which of the engaging and interesting contestants is the traitor of the group.

Nowadays, the only engaging and interesting contestants were executed as soon as they became engaging and interesting. Week after week the best contestant is eliminated until we’re left with only the annoyingly hot-headed and slightly dim Paul, the uber-intense and paranoid Mark, the brilliant but sociopathic Nicole and the bumbling nice guy Craig.

From the very first episode I was sure I knew who the mole was. It was Clay. It had to be Clay. He gave fewer interviews than everyone else, he was smart enough and seemingly trustworthy enough to play the part and he tried to stay under the radar. I was sure it was him. And you all know how much I dislike being proved wrong. Then, this week, Clay got eliminated.

Nicole supposedly tried to throw the quiz this week and failed to get eliminated. She’s also proven to be absolutely brilliant. She’s the only half-interesting person left so either she’s the mole or she has to win. If she doesn’t, I officially couldn’t care less what happens in the finale of this show.

In theory, I’m glad one of my favourite reality shows is back to keep me entertained through the summer; I just wish it were still one of my favourite reality shows.