This week’s 30 Rock was yet another example of why this show is considered one of the best comedies to come around in a long time.

Jenna finally got some screen time this week when she made Kenneth a hilarious video essay to include in his application to be a page at the Beijing Olympics.

Tracey’s quest to create the perfect porn video game was hysterical.

Jack attempting to get fired from his government job was great- a perfect opportunity for fun political jokes and Bush-bashing. Matthew Broderick is always great as well.

and Liz is pregnant… well not really, but she thought she was. This episode was the perfect exploration of Liz and Jack’s friendship. With Jack not around the office anymore Liz realized how much she depends on him as a sounding board. And audiences got to see how much Jack really cares about Liz when he showed up at her doorstep to give her moral support without needing to be asked. The friendship between the two is central to the show and seeing them work together to adopt Liz a baby will be a ton of fun. I can’t wait for more 30 Rock.