So How I Met Your Mother brought back Robin Sparkles- desperate? Yeah. Effective? well,… yeah. It wasn’t up to the calibre of “slap bet” (the original Robin Sparkles episode) but this week’s HIMYMwas pretty funny. The accents weren’t even slightly accurate and thus simply annoying but the plot was fun, the B story (other characters’ revertigo) was amusing, the music video was priceless and it’s always fun to see Dawson on TV again (James Van Der Beek guest starred in the episode as an old boyfriend/video boy).

My favourite/least favourite part of the episode though was the slew of Canada jokes. One of HIMYM’s go to jokes, the Canada references always make me laugh. And as a Canadian living in the US I can tell you that that’s exactly how it goes down. My friends laugh at me all the time for my pronunciation of “about”, for saying “washroom” instead of “restroom”, for never having been to some of the more famous American chain restaurants and for carrying around something called a “loonie”. They also adamantly believe that I celebrate “Celine Dion Day”. Because of this, the Canadian joke section of the show made me laugh out loud, but I was also acutely aware that my friends who watch the show now have new ammunition. Until now the use of the word “Zamboni” hadn’t yet occurred to them, I’m sure it has now.

Oh, and Robin and Barney hooked up- that should make for some fun awkwardness I suppose.