Though the ultimate Bromance (Will and Boogie: AllStars) was cut down at final four, this year’s final 2 bromance isn’t the first. In season 5 the all-male power alliance of ‘The Four Horsemen’ had two of their members as the season’s final 2 (Drew and Cowboy).

Women, on the other hand, can’t seem to be able to form a strong alliance to get themselves through to the end. In fact, whenever the final 2 have been 2 women they have been enemies: Season 3’s Danielle wound up in the final 2 against Lisa instead of her loyal ally Jason and Season 4’s Alison and June couldn’t have liked each other less. Considering some of the best players in BB history have been female (Allstars Danielle, Janelle, Alison and Nakomis most notably along with season 8’s Jessica) is there a reason that their friendships don’t get them to the end when the men’s can? Is the precedent set by Chilltown(Boogie and Will) too much to live up to?

Watch Adam or Ryan (here’s hoping for Ryan) be crowed as the winner of Big Brother 9 on Sunday on CBS.