Sheila wins HOH after a big, annoying show from Natalie. Natalie, the former best player in the house has no idea she’s been targeted and keeps making the target bigger. Now, she’s being strategically back doored. I’ve made my peace with the fact that a floater (player who makes very few strategic moves and doesn’t start to play the game until very late into it) will win this game and thus am not complaining about her success but rather am simply proud of Sheila for knowing how to play and get out her target. While they had to work for weeks to get James evicted, Sheila’s plan to evict Natalie is well thought out and should go off without a hitch (assuming anyone other than Natalie wins POV).

Sheila, the 45 year old former model/single mom with an insane temper, a few screws loose, a tendency for tears and a complete lack of prowess when it comes to challenges, may in fact prove to be the strategist that this season’s been lacking. Sheila is the one player to make repeated Big Brother references, making her the BB expert of the season. As Eric taught us last year, knowledge of how the game has been played and won in the past can be a huge asset. If she can keep her temper and emotions under control, Sheila may make it as far as her 2 dream men (season 2’s winner Dr. Will and season 8’s winner Evil Dick- coincidentally, neither of whom are known for winning competitions. They are, however, both known for emotional manipulation of other players- something Sheila could never master). This year’s dark horse, Sheila probably won’t win but she’s made it far and is having such a successful HOH rule that she has to be given credit.

And speaking of subtle strategists who deserve credit, let’s hear it for my new pick to win this season: Ryan. The man knows how to play the alliance game. There isn’t a single person in that house who wouldn’t take him to final 3 and everyone but Sheila would probably take him all the way to the finale. Targeted early on hfor his unfair advantage and evil girlfriend Jen, Ryan managed to overcome the initial threat, survive a house-wide hatred of his partner Allison and a subsequent eviction and become the least targeted person in the house. The man’s got mad friend-making skills, the whole house would trust him with their life. This many sides haven’t been played this successfully since Will and Boogie convinced every All-Star that they were the 3rd member of Chilltown.

Ryan’s officially got my vote this year.