Chelsia left with less class than anyone in Big Brotherhistory, Josh tried too hard and left with a weird preachy flourish, but when James, one of my top 5 least favourite players of all time (not because he was a bad player but because his hypocrisy was intolerable, his immaturity unimaginable and his general James-ness horribly annoying), left he left perfectly. He knew he was going (as all 3 of them did), made his amends with that, fought strategically but not unrealistically to stay, understood when to give up, remained in good spirits throughout the live show, was gracious and courteous to his housemates after the vote was announced, left with a smile and didn’t say anything he would late regret. Well done Mr. Pink Mohawk.

And well done Adam for taking the risk necessary to finally get that kid out. His team got scared and was much to hard on him for not nominating James in the first place but Adam knew (as I posted last week as a strategy for Natalie) that the only way to get out the big competition winner is to 6 finger back door them season 5 Nakomis style. And though he lost his nerve part way through, that is exactly what Adam did. Good on him.

As for Natalie, the house is onto her as the next biggest threat- I’m worried. Natalie deserves the win. She’s the best player in the season and, though the best player never wins, she really should be the last person standing- especially after they finally ousted the other brilliant player (horrible James). The way things are going, however, I see the win going to some random person who played a mediocre game like in every other season except 2. (explain this to me: Lisa over Danielle? Jun over Alison? those are both prime examples of a useless player winning against a disliked but excellent strategist). Here’s hoping these idiotic houseguests get distracted and Natalie lays low for a while, preserving her until closer to the end, or she wins and wins and wins Janelle style, giving them no option but to keep her around.

Favourite Moment of the Week: the jury house. Matt (an entertaining player who flip flops between being a complete low life and the most relatable person around) is stuck in the jury house with crazy Chelsia and bitchy Josh- the poor boy is going insane. I love it. I haven’t laughed so hard since he left.