If last week’s How I Met Your Motherwas all A story, this week was all B story and neither suffered at all for it. Barney’s quest to find his mystery scorned stalker girl was hilarious. The rest of the cast got some quality screen time in too. There were references to some classic episodes (Ted Mosby, Architect for example) and just general Barney awesomeness. The stories he comes up with to sleep with women are priceless. The highlight of the episode was most definitely when he’s describing the multiple times he’s been slapped in the past couple weeks and his friends have to figure out why he goes to specific places (a hardware store, a pet store, a museum) to pick up women: “you’re a struggling artist looking for his muse?”, “you’re a millionaire jewel thief searching out the thrill money can no longer provide?”, “you’re going blind and are trying to soak up all the beauty in the world before it all goes dark?”

Barney’s apology speech at the end was sweet and his whispering in Robin’s ear was hilarious.I loved the competition to lower down the search for the girl March Madness style.

I’m so happy to have Barney back.